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Feed Products 

As a full-service Purina Animal Nutrition dealer (Arcadia, Mauston, Tomah, West Salem) and Big Gain feed dealer (Arcadia), Allied Cooperative is aligned with companies that have distinguished themselves as being the quality leader in manufactured feeds and ingredients. Unlike most feed companies they not only guarantee the analysis of the feed but also the ingredients that go into making the feed.  

Bulk Feeds: 
Soybean Meal  
Roasted Soybeans
Dried Distillers Grain
Linseed Meal 
Dairy & Heifer Supplements 
Liquid Feeds

Horse Feeds:
Equishine® Horse Supplements
Full Line of Profile® Horse Feeds (Senior, Performance, Maintenance)
Mares Match® Foal Pellets and Milk Replacers  

Poultry Feeds:
Chick Starters and Growers
Turkey and Game Bird Feeds
Duck and Goose Feeds 

Dairy & Beef Feeds:
Full line of Purina Minerals and Premixes
Custom Mix Mineral
Dry and Transitional Cow Feeds
Beef Finishers and Growers
Complete line of Purina Milk Replacers and Calf Starters
Herd Maker Heifer Products
Show Animal Feeds
Liquid Feeds 

Liquid Feeds:
5-30 Energizer
QLF Super 40
QLF 36-16
Cane Molasses 

Silage and Baled Hay Preservatives:
Purina® Biomax®
Kemin® Ultra CURB®
Kemin® Myco CURB®
QLF Tender Keep 

Diamond® Dog Food
Tuffy's Dog and Cat Food (Arcadia location)






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