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Whether you are traveling far or near, you won’t go far without gasoline in your tank. Cenex Pump 24, located at 451 S Main St. in Adams, has the fuel you need to keep your vehicle running and the convenience items you need to satisfy needs.  With gasoline, E-85 and diesel bays, and a “Pay at the Pump” feature we have the ability to service all of your fuel needs.  

Cenex Pump 24 has a wide assortment of convenience items, snack foods, and beverages, and affords our patrons the ability to purchase these items on account. W
ith the added convenience of a McDonalds on-site, Cenex Pump 24 is Adams' best bet for convenience. Cenex Pump 24 is a Cenex "Circle of Pride" winner -- a testament to the store's exceptional customer service. 

Cenex Pump 24 has a Loyalty Program 
called "Patron Points." Through this program our customers can earn points for every dollar spent at Cenex Pump 24 and can redeem those points for a variety of items including a cup of coffee, a gallon of milk or a $50 Cenex gift certificate. It's free to sign-up and you can start building points immediately.

Cenex Pump 24 • 451 S. Main Street, Adams • 608-339-3626

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